Facts why Beehive Music Festival 2019 may be out of control


BMF 2019 is slated to hold on 21st April, 2019 in Bauchi, the capital of Hip Hop in Northern Nigeria.  With over 21 artistes including Martino El Casino, Don One, Ice Cute, B.O.C are expected to perform at the 3rd edition of Beehive Music Festival, this year’s edition is aimed at uniting and uplifting the city, revolutionizing hip hop, talent galore, inspirational, creative and youthful experience.  Below are stunning facts why BMF 2019 may be out of control.

* Beehive Music Festival is organized by One Mic Stand

* Beehive Music Festival had its debut in 2017 and held at E4 Resort.

* Over 1,500 attended the first edition of Beehive Music Festival in 2017.

* Over 42 artistes including B.O.C, Black House, BHP and others performed at Beehive Music Festival 2017.

* All items displayed by the various vendors at Beehive Music Festival 2017 was completed sold out.

* Beehive Music Festival 2018 was sold out days before the event.

* Over 3,000 attended the Beehive Music Festival 2018.

* Over 30 artistes  performed at Beehive Music Festival 2018.

With the above facts, it is adviceable to purchase your tickets earlier to avoid the rush.



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