2018 Top Ten Hardworking Musicians in Maiduguri


Maiduguri also known as Maidcity is the capital of Borno State, Nigeria. Although the state has labelled recently as the headquarters of insurgency in Nigeria, nevertheless, contrary to what outsiders believe, the city has rich cultural roots, qualitative educational institutions, hospitable people and of course is the home of one of Nigeria’s finest singer/rapper. It has become salient to celebrate outstanding musicians who have gone out of their comfort zone to put present the city in a positive manner against numerous challenges ranging from lack of support from the government and brands, poor music structure, lack of proper shows to showcase their talents, poor media houses, ill-equipped musical studios and lack of professional video directors among others. Below are Ten (10) musicians who were selected based on the quality and promotion of contents released, social media presence, number of online downloads and shows performed. At the end of each item, a Peace Of Advice (P.O.A) is given to aid him/her in becoming a better musician.


Colon made up of the duo of Mclef and B-Play indeed made a strong statement this year. Having been recording for a while, the Unimaid’s Engineering students got our attention with their single “Outta My Head” which made critics doubt if truly the boys were Northerners as the verses laced could only be compared with few heavyweights from the entertainment capital city of Nigeria, Lagos. While we were still caught up in their euphoria, Colon dropped their sophomore single “Ni-ne” featuring J-ry Dayne. One might attribute their hiatus due to their academic engagement but that shouldn’t be good enough to starve us of their adorable vocals. Follow @Colon_Speaks on Instagram

P.O.A: They should work on their social media presence, organise a qualitative photo session and also release more singles than they did this year.


Having performed in 80% of musical concerts in Maiduguri including YerwaShutdown with Ice Prince and Buzu, Links Melissa happens to be the first name on everyone lips when it comes to feminine rap in North Eastern Nigeria. With the release of her massive hit “Keep it Real” featuring B.O.C Madaki in the first quarter of 2018 and “I’m the Boss” which was poorly promoted, Links Melissa with more effort is on the verge of becoming the Goddess of Hip-Hop not just in Maiduguri or North-East but in Arewa at large. Follow Links Melissa on Instagram.

P.O.A: Although she is active on I.G, she needs to have a sound management at this stage of her career who would ensure proper distribution of her contents in addition to other responsibilities attached.


Son of the King “Dan Sarki” is one energetic singer/rapper that never fails to entertain his fans whenever he is on stage. Dan Sarki released 8 songs in 2018 with “Sugar” being the most downloaded on the internet. Dan Sarki has performed on top shows in Maiduguri and its environs and is working on releasing a video to one his songs. If you are scouting for an artiste who is always working to become better, Dan Sarki surely finds your description.

P.O.A: He should work on his social media, do photo shoots, and as soon as possible release a body of work maybe an E.P for a start.


When you hear Hakamukasaba then you know Boss Boy its on the track. Nicknamed North’s Sarkodie due to his fast style of rap, Boss Boy has jumped into the minds of music lovers across the state. Few years after releasing his first single, Boss Boy has gone to release his much anticipated “Borno Ba Kauye Bane” E.P. few weeks ago. Although, the E.P might need more push due its strong messages which cuts across religion, education, patience, hustle, the rapper cum Graphic Designer/Blogger surely deserves to be on this list after engaging the services of C-Man for the mastering and mixing of his E.P. Follow Boss Boy on instagram.

P.O.A: He needs to promote clean photos just like the female models on his I.G, he should also work on at least a video, get proper management.


Signed to Awesome Entertainment, Lil Jojo is a very hardworking artiste. This year alone, Lil Jojo has released Sexy Ladies featuring Skales and the more recent Suvalala which has become a nationwide hit. He claimed to have a collabo with Mr. Eazi, DJ AB and Davido among others and is looking forward to shoot a video very soon. Lil Jojo has featured on both local and nationwide concerts. Follow Lil Jojo on instagram.

P.O.A: He should release a body of work as soon as possible, try and collabo with Maiduguri artistes and try to write qualitative lyrics.


Many people will call this post a joke seeing a comedian on a list made for musicians. But how can we ignore someone who has released three singles this year in addition to his debut single which was a diss song at prominent entertainers in the state. Signed to Blaize Entertainment, MC Gabriel is one of the biggest Comedian in Northern Nigeria and his skits has earned him awards and endorsements from NGOs and top brands. MC Gabriel released Sweet Melanin, Go Down and Hello in 2018 and intends to drop a major project next year. Follow MC Gabriel on instagram.

P.O.A: If he wants to take his singing career seriously he needs to write good lyrics or engage the services of song writers, get proper management and surely with the fame he has in Comedy, the sky will his starting point.


Yakumzee is a prolific rapper, actor and director who needs no much introduction. With the commercial success of his panda cover “Wai Shi Sarki”, Yakumzee is one musician who believes in dishing quality contents irrespective of the costs associated with. Yakumzee released the banger “Kuna Da Ni” featuring B.O.C Madaki earlier this year, dropped the long awaited “Tubali” E.P, featured on Arewa’s 24 and ended the year with the video for “Tilo”. Follow Yakumzee on twitter and instagram

P.O.A: There have been many complains regarding his refusal to collaborate with Maiduguri Artistes and i would advice he works with the good ones.


Formerly called Ruff Ryder, Mista. Ruff is the most featured musician in Maiduguri. Signed under Fab Boys, Mista Ruff is known to idolize Wizkid and is a very talented song writer with impeccable vocals. He released his first major project “Free Ur Mind” in July this year, performed in both local and national shows and have received recording contracts from respected record labels. Follow Mista Ruff on instagram.

P.O.A” He should do professional photo shoots, release a music video, work on his social media and get proper management who will channel his craft into income.


Ehddy Yung is no doubt the king of trap in Northern Nigeria. He is one hip-hop artiste who chooses quality over hype and this he has shown in collaborating with his colleagues. Having released his sophomore E.P. “Better Man Project” with hit singles like Okay, Ehddy Yung although not officially signed to any label, knows how to drop contents at the right time. Follow Ehddy Yung on instagram.

P.O.A: He should work on shyness and try avail himself for shows.


The list is incomplete without King J-ry Dayne. Having won the Maiduguri Peace Cypher last year, J-ry Dayne is the most successful musician in Maiduguri at the moment and a very good example to fast rising musicians who have lost hope in the music hustle. Having won the Best Album/EP/Mixtape of the Year Award at ADEA 2018, J-ry Dayne has had an amazing year with singles like Baeby which got covers from pretty ladies on instagram and low key. J-ry Dayne this year has gotten more recording deals than any other Northern Musician. Follow J-ry Dayne on twitter and instagram

P.O.A: He shouldn’t relent on his hustle and should shoot a video s soon as possible.

This list was compiled by Seeteazain. For inquiries/corrections contact him via (seeteazaintalks@gmail.com)



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