Students are entitled to Free Wi-Fi because they paid for it – Unimaid SUG President


Com. Farouk Mohammed Ahmed, the President, Student Union Government (SUG), University of Maiduguri was a guest on Kanem FM’s “Student Half Hour” where he revealed the agenda of his administration stressing out the need for all an inclusive government. Here are key highlights from the interview conducted on Saturday 10, November, 2018.

On his birth and Education;he stated that:

Date of Birth: 28-12

Central Primary School, Kaleri (Primary School)

Government College, Azare  (Secondary School)

Nursing, Oregon State University (USA) (Associate Degree)

Department of Nursing, Medical College, University of Maiduguri after struggling to study MBBS at ABU, Zaria and Unimaid before he secured admission in Unimaid in 2015.

On his plans for students and the University at large, he revealed that:

We have a road map called Consolidated Action Plan and Budget Cost for the 2018/2019 Session. This roadmap intends to address the needs and wants of our students and also complimenting the efforts of the management in transforming the University into a world class institution. We were able to come up with goals from our SWOT needs assessment.  Some of these goals are to:

  • Promote and maintain a strong mutual relationship between the management, security and students through effective communication and feedback.
  • Provide opportunities for student-leadership development and capacity building through organizing programmes such seminars, symposia, colloquial on different areas of human endeavours which at the end of the day will enhance personal development as a compliment to academic experience.
  • Providing a variety of welfare packages which are responsive to diverse and constantly changing needs of students on campus.
  • Provide and preserve facilities for current and future generation of students by ensuring continuous high standards of maintenance, sustainability, refurbishment, renovation and construction.

We also came up with four agenda which include:

  • Union Reforms
  • Capacity Building
  • Social Welfare Package
  • Infrastructure Development

Regarding the Union Reforms, we have to rebrand, resuscitate and revitalize the union in such a way that it will be serving the interest of all students instead of serving the interest of few individuals/Cabals.

Under the Union Reforms, we have:

  1. All inclusive government

There will two interaction sections, each per semester between the representatives of the various departments, SUG and the management of the University. Also there will be a match between students and staff. We also want to organize inter-department/inter-hostel football and table tennis competition.

2. Digitalization of the SUG

As part of the issue of digitization and we hope the management considers is the issue of wi-fi in strategic locations within the campus because we paid for it during our registration,  when I came on board I was able to have an audience with the Director, Unimaid ICT, he reassured me that something will be done about it. The only thing left is the point to point radio. Once the management is able to secure the point to point radio in different strategic locations, students will be able to access it but it will be only be a research laden. We are also making arrangements for our official twitter/whatsapp and facebook handles. So students can project their opinions and suggestions. Efforts to digitalize the SUG include building the SUG website where students can get the history of UNIMAID and SUG, inquiries, suggestions and complains.

3. Electronic Voting System:

this will address the issue of voting the excos of the SUG. I know the management’s major concern is the issue of campaign but with the electronic voting systems, students can log on to their profile at home and vote their representatives.





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