Lemuel Knight – The Last Tape


Next2Mic frontman Lemuel Knight has officially released his much anticipated Mixtape “The Last Tape”. Known as Lendo by the locals, Lemuel Knight has consistently evolved over the years by defining the real idea of hip-hop irrespective of how lucrative the commercial joints are. This project was solely mixed and mastered by C-Man and features Rap duo Black House, Stesh a.k.a Baban Fatima, Trino Coaster, Elna Waziri and Khriz Flamez. “The Last Tape” is a back to back project by the beehive champion after dropping “Som Lil Extra (SLE) last month. Download below:

Break Away Ft. Trino Coaster     Download

Good Feeling ft. Black House      Download

Departure ft. Khriz Flamez          Download

Greatest Song ft. Stesh              Download

Closer ft. Elna Waziri                  Download

Choice                                      Download

Kings and Queens                      Download


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