Video: Maiduguri people are Fools – Badman Binladen


Sallah’s celebration is always accompanied with lots of excitement and fun as Muslim faithfuls utilize the two-day break to spend time with family and friends. The Northern region including Borno State was not left out as fun seekers were seen patronizing the various funfairs organised by different entrepreneurs. The city of Maiduguri was at its peak on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 August as top artistes entertained the vibrant audiences at the various venues. Among them was Haidari Aliyu popularly known as Badman Bin Laden. So here is the gist:

According to Badman Bin Laden, he missed his flight to Maiduguri and decided to use road transport which unfortunately he couldn’t make it to the venue on time. The failure of Badman Binladen to perform at the funfair made the organisers to come up witha plan B which was to present a duplicate of Badman Binladen (a fast rising artiste in Maidcity). This was done with a view to confuse the audience who were getting upset.

Unfortunately for the organisers, after few songs by the fake badman, the fans already knew this was a trick and immediately rushed to the stage and the fake badman had to be whisked away after getting just a bit of Yerwa boys.


Due to backlashes from the disappointed fans and social commentators, Badman Bin Laden officially dropped an official statement denying his involvement in the drama blaming it on the organisers and his management which he claimed to have fired and further went on to compensate his fans with a free show the next day. These humble strategies by Badman couldn’t cool the mind of the angry fans as most of them vowed never to attend the show even if they would be paid. After much consultation and deliberation, the organisers decided to salvage the situation by making a huge announcement on their page. They expressly booked Yagi boss Lil Kesh to come clean the mess and surely their alternative strategy worked out as hundreds of fans trooped in City Star to get a glimpse of Lil Kesh but were also compensated with apology filled performance by Badman Bin Laden himself.

We all thought we has seen the end of such controversies not until a viral video surfaced online where Badman Binladen was shown abusing Maiduguri people. In the video there was a conversation going on regarding the incidence of the fake badman and the Badman Binladen said “En Maiduguri Bawayo Kai (Maiduguri People are Fools)”.  Watch video here:


At first when the video surfaced many people emphasized that the video was being perpetrated by mischievous persons who wanted to tarnish the image of the singer not until he posted these tweets:

Many reactions have trailed the viral video as many people were making videos and comments abusing Badman Binlidan linking to his favorite Black attire which they refer to as uniform and some went to the extent of taking a video of him on his flight back to Abuja in an economy class.


But in the end, the singer has apologised and urged everyone to move on and anticipate good music from his camp.



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