Veedee Gambao – Ticklips x Mista Nanas (Portharcourt Rep It)


Port Harcourt boy and legend in the making VeeDee Gambao, has stricken gold with a song titled “Port Harcourt,” his collaboration with Ticklips and Mista Nanas. They team up with London-based producer Dave Darlington, a 2-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer. It’s the kind of song that would become a staple of a city’s playlist almost immediately—it spews the kind of confidence usually reserved for those at the top of the pyramid, but these three rap vets were kind enough to share in their richesse via apt confessional lyricism, masterful storytelling ability and powerful, stirring delivery.

t’s definitely an anthem, three minutes, twenty three seconds of snarling finishers and beat-passing. This is a modern posse cut, and these three kill it. It also represents a big step forward for VeeDee Gambao as an independent artist—he’s figured out how to take his raw talent and channel it into specific beats, and the hypnotic hiccups of “Port Harcourt” are case in point.

Along the way, he’s crafted a personality that makes him a potential star—a personality often lacking in the world of guys who hold the job title of executive producer. We might have been half-kidding when we called VeeDee Gambao a legend, but just wait until he makes us look like geniuses by actually living up to it.




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