The greatest issue we have in Nigeria today is the security agencies – Muyiwa


The greatest issue, which we have in Nigeria today that is being contrived as security problem, is with the security agencies. When I say security agencies, I mean the Department of State Security (DSS), the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Army and all the apparatus that is synonymous or associated with security.

‘’Can you ever remember when the DG of DSS has been probed and money recovered from him? Have you seen where the National Security Adviser or DG of Nigeria Intelligence Agency is probed? Have you seen where the IGP is probed? The fact is that we have been dodging these issues.

‘’We have a serious task in our hands. We are toying with our lives, and unless we collectively deal with these issues we are just joking with the future of our country. Security agencies and their personnel must be held accountable in this country. It is getting late by the day but something can be done.

’How do you say you are the DG of DSS and they are killing people in your country and you are here in a safe haven using security personnel to protect yourself and at the end of the month you earn salary? You are the IGP, they are killing your people and you are there in an air-conditioned office? I am sorry, Nigerians should demand their inalienable rights to security from the President and in turn from the Service Chiefs.

‘’In a democracy, you don’t get anything free of charge. You demand for it. In every state of the federation, you have a Director of DSS, you have a Commissioner of Police and you have one DSS Officer in every local government area. What are they doing? These people are being promoted every year.

‘’How do you promote somebody who has failed? I am sure that the DSS and their security officials in those LGAs, where herdsmen attacked in Plateau State will be promoted next year.

There is a system failure. The system need a total makeover… And we don’t expect an outsider to. Fix our Fatherland do we?!

How could we have forgotten our father’s faces and the fathers before them, all of them, before the *bastard child* sold us to oblivion..

Let’s start making a conscious step that will heal the Land not conscious ones to keep the _Land buried._ ..




Author Muyiwa



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