Borno Entrepreneurs Network denies claims to organize Beauty and Dance Contest


The management of Borno Entrepreneur’s Network has issued a statement debunking claims regarding their intention to host a beaty pageant. Read below:

Our attention has been drawn to a spurious publication against or group the Borno Enterprenuer’s Network (BENETWORK) making the round online via WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms that we are about to organize a beauty and dance contest slated for June 18th.

This unsubstantiated claim is design to mislead the authorities and the good people of Borno state, it is completely false, malicious, treacherous and also libelous.

This attempt to bring disrepute to our good image is a work of a wicked black mailer and extortionist who will stop at nothing to blackmail in other to extort.

The BENETWORK categorically states that no such “thing” (as beauty and dance contest) is being planned by us in the state.

We, are, however working on a children’s carnival/festival which is in no way a form of beauty pageant or dancing competition.

The BENETWORK is of the view that the statement is calculated to smear its image and good works intended to better the state.

In fact, it will be out of place for such a programme to be organized at this time when the state is recovering from crisis it was plagued with.

We are a responsible organization duly focused to promote the good works of the state government so as to further assist in the rebuilding of our dear state.

Contrary to the message being circulated to the public, the BENETWORK is a duly registered and legitimate business entity ,registered with the following government organizations;

(A) cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1471634

(B) ministry of commerce

(C) ministry of arts and culture

We urge all concerned to discountenance the statement in its entirety as we are not part of the said beauty and dancing contest.

Thank you





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